“Dear Mr. Dilkes, on behalf of my wife and myself, please accept our appreciation for the excellent job you and your staff have done over the past several months in remodeling our kitchen and performing electrical and other construction services throughout our entire condo.  The craftsmanship and quality of construction and related services were performed on schedule and in a very responsive, meticulous, and professional manner.  We attribute this extraordinary construction to the considerable time that you invested created a detailed Scope of Work and to your continuous involvement and updates throughout the contract period.  We especially enjoyed working with Ken and Kevin throughout the entire project.  We are thrilled with our completed condo and will gladly serve as a reference on behalf of D & D Siding & Remodeling, Inc.”
Eugene Anderson

“We highly recommend D & D Siding as a general contractor. We have used D & D Siding for the following work: complete remodeling of a kitchen, installation of handicap accessible ramp, repairs to our garage, roof damaged by a fire, and the remodeling of a bathroom. D & D Siding is a well-run company that provides quality work on all projects. D & D Siding completes work within specification and in accordance with our directions. With a skilled and dependable workforce, D & D Siding listens to the customer and communicates with the customers as the project progresses. Steve Dilkes, the owner, is willing to sit down with customers and ensure he understands their desires. He will go out of his way to meet with the customer to review supplies (cabinets, appliances, etc.) and ensure the customer is satisfied with the end product. In conclusion, we have lived in Virginia Beach since 1999 and used a number of general contractors for home repairs. None compared to the professionalism and first-rate work of D & D Siding. We started using D & D Siding in 2007 and we have always been pleased with the finished product. We have other major renovations planned for our home and we will only use D & D Siding for this work too.”
Drew & Sue Miller

“I am writing to express our satisfaction with the new roof and venting installed on our home. Prior to choosing your company, my wife and I obtained several other estimates from local companies. In addition to a good referral from a neighbor of ours, we chose your company because my research revealed that not only did you have a superior rating from the Better Business Bureau, but just as important to us, an examination of local court records available online revealed that your company had not been a party (either plaintiff or defendant) in any reported legal disputes. You must be doing something right, because the other companies we received estimated from had been. In addition, since your business is regulated by Virginia’s Board of Contractors, I was pleased to see that there was no record of any pending violations. In this area there are many contractors competing for business, your record sets you apart and is something to be proud of. While each person should do their own research and due diligence when selecting a contractor, feel free to share the letter which reflects our favorable experience with your company with others. Wishing you future success.”
W. Lane Nuckles

“We wanted to let you know that we are so happy with the remodel your company did on our bathroom this fall! We walk into our bathroom, and one wouldn’t know it is the same space. Since you removed the old tub and redesigned the space, some of our friends ask if we built an addition, not just a bathroom remodel. The colors, cabinets, tile, etc. come together to make it a stunning bathroom that our friends say looks like one you would see in an expensive hotel. We appreciate the time you took with us in the beginning to pick the colors, tile cabinets, etc. so that when it all came together it was a bathroom that we both used at the same time, as well as be very proud of. Thank you for keeping us posted also on what the weekly and most often daily schedule of work was being done so we could plan our days accordingly. Your foreman, Ken did a great job of supervising the project and working with us on a daily bases in our home.Thank you again for doing such a beautiful job!
Best Regards.”
Dr. and Mrs. Gil Snider

“I was very pleased with the work of D & D Siding and Remodeling. Their work was professionally performed in a timely manner, within the parameters set forth in the contract, and at a reasonable cost. The integrity of their company, and work ethics of their employees are the cornerstone of their business.”
E.L. Hamrick

“We are writing this letter in an effort to express our appreciation of your work in remodeling our home. You built an addition which expanded our kitchen and den by a ten foot depth. My wife and I were impressed with the professional manner in which we were treated by you and your team throughout the entire process. A process which began with our first contact with your financial advisor, who was included in many meetings with you. The process ended with your crews on-site doing the job. Your technique of letting us tell you what we wanted and then making suggestions, rather than telling us what you thought we wanted or telling us what couldn’t be done, marks you as a true master of your trade. You kept us informed every step of the way through daily updates of your progress, and you were very patient with us and our many questions and phone calls. I would also like to note that you returned every one of our phone calls even though you must have been sure that it was just another question. You supplied quality material for this project beginning with the very foundation and continuing through to the finishing and the appliances. By making use of your samples and shopping suggestions we were able to acquire the items necessary to fulfill our needs. You outlined time periods for each step of the procedure. Even with the inclement weather problems, the work was completed in a timely manor. Problems encountered in designing the work were overcome by your engineer, allowing us to live in the house during the construction. Our presence in the house was an extreme difficulty in planning and executing for you and your team. That factor is especially appreciated by us as we know it was a hardship on your workers. Their extreme politeness and consideration while dealing with the situation demonstrates their professional demeanor. We were impressed with your ability to orchestrate the assorted individual trades involved with the project. They were always on the job at the proper time and did not interfere with each other. The quality of workmanship of each of the trades was excellent. This shows that you know how to gather a team. This was a large project and there were many trades involved. There were, masons, plumber, electricians, heating and cooling techs, steel fabricators, welder, and framing, finishing and cabinet specialist. We would like to note that the framing, finish and cabinets were done by the same man. We wish to especially commend Mr. Ken Nelson, your on-site construction specialist. To merely say that he is a good carpenter falls woefully short as he is an absolute artist in every sense of the word. He has an extremely broad pool of knowledge from which to draw when working with wood and other materials. His flexibility in dealing with us was very helpful. He incorporated numerous design changes without complaint and built exactly the addition we desired. The almost daily problems encountered in any construction project were not problems to Mr. Nelson. Anything which came up was handled immediately, professionally and met with our standards and approval. Mr. Nelson is a valuable asset to D & D Siding. We would like to close by restating our extreme pleasure with our new addition. We would recommend D & D Siding to anyone who is considering remodeling work on their home. We are understandably proud of our new addition and you should be as well, it was a job which began and ended with pride. One only need look at it to realize that fact.”
Bill & Ruth Taylor

“They put the rest to shame! D & D Siding has qualities that are almost impossible to come by these days: honest, dependable, reliable, attention to detail, quality workmanship, and the list can go on and on…Steve, the owner, and Ken, his “main man” are the first ones we want to see when something goes wrong–no matter how big or small. Steve takes pride in his work and wants to make his customers happy. He truly appreciates the value of repeat business and referrals and will go that extra step to ensure that expectations are met!”
GMDavis - Kudzu.com Review 5 Stars

“Great Product and Service! Great company, they did exactly what they said they would do and more! My house looks brand new. Thanks Steve!”
MikeMcDonald5685 - Kudzu.com Review 5 Stars

“Communication. We had D & D remodel our master bath and were so pleased, we had them do our half bath. They assist in so many ways and kept you informed daily. We couldn’t be happier!”
ncslm2 - Kudzu.com Review 5 Stars

“Great Bathroom Total Redo. We had our bathroom gutted and redone by D and D. It turned out gorgeous and we were happy with the professionalism of D and D and the people working in our home. What made it easier is all the time Mr.D. took with us to pick colors, tiles, etc. They really give good customer service and kept us posted of what was to be done what day. We are happy we chose them. Virginia Beach Residents”
vbcustomer - Kudzu.com Review 5 Stars

“Reliable! D & D Siding and Remodeling did an excellent job with my major kitchen remodeling. They kept in daily contact with the project and made sure that I was happy with the completed outcome. They had references and licenses. They were in good standing with the BBB.”
WVUFan - Kudzu.com Review 5 Stars

“Replace Roof and additional repairs. D & D Siding did a fabulous job. The owner, Steve, was professional, courteous, honest and fair all around. What a great feeling to know that you can trust the company and the contractors they provide. This was a great experience, having been my first shingle replacement. Steve provided me with information and made the process easy. Kudos for a job more than well done. I would recommend them to any home repair! Would you hire D & D Siding again? Yes”
Marianne Vargas - Angie's List A Rating

“Roof, gutters, skylights, other repairs, provided pricing details with options. Responsive and detailed. D & D Siding was referred by my neighbor. Steve had replaced roofs on the two buildings to the left of ours. Would you hire D & D Siding again? Yes “
Robert Carver - Angie's List A Rating

“Chimney leak and repair. Out of all of the vendors (four) that came and inspected what needed to be replaced D & D Siding was very forthright and had a no-nonsense attitude about how the job should be done. His knowledge of what needed to be done was exceptional and spot-on. (We also knew what had to be done, but unable to do the job ourselves.) When we scheduled the replacement, they prepared ahead for possible issues, i.e. rotted wood, which we did not have. But it was good they were prepared. They finished the job in one day. He later followed-up on his staff and how well he did the job for us and if it met our expectations. Would you hire D & D Siding again? Yes”
Paige Brage - Angie's List A Rating

“We are completely satisfied with the work that you did to our house. Your men came out in very cold and wet weather in order to get the work done. They were very friendly and and courteous to us. We will be glad to recommend you to anyone we know that is thinking of having some home improvements done. Again, we are very satisfied.”
Mr. & Mrs. Guy Ackiss

“We are very happy with the way our new home improvements came out. Words can’t express the way we feel. We are very proud of the job you and your entire staff performed. (perfecto)!!! Steve, the Lord is good always and my wife and I hope and pray that He continues to bless you, your family your staff, your business and everything your heart desires. We have had nothing but positive comments on the wonderful job you’ve done. You know something? People have been taking pictures of the house inside and outside. So Steve take a bow and don’t be a stranger, tell everyone in your organization hello and God bless and keep them.”
James & Cynthia Gregory